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H-P: 10-19h. SZ: 9-14h. V: zárva

Utolsó nyitva tartási nap: 2018. március 29.

FONTOS: A Húsvéti hétvége után a kölcsönzött felszerelések vissza hozatalának zökkenőmentessége érdekében kérjük vegye fel telefonon a kapcsolatot üzleteinkkel. ELÉRHETŐSGEK ITT

Amennyiben bárkinek-bármire szüksége lenne,ne hezitáljon,hisz a mobiltelefonok nyáron is kicsörögnek a zsebeinkben....


Welcome to the SparkStore

The Joomla! Community Portal is now online. There, you will find a constant source of information about the activities of contributors powering the Joomla! Project. Learn about Joomla! Events worldwide, and see if there is a Joomla! User Group nearby.

Bővebben: Sparkstore Virtuemart Template Demo

The SparkStore Joomla! template provides lots of modules positions to allow you to fit the template to all your needs. 
There are avilable over 35 modules positions.

The template provides following modules positions:

  • top-left-1
  • top-left-2
  • left
  • bottom-left-1
  • bottom-left-2
  • top-right-1
  • top-right-2
  • right
  • bottom-right-1
  • bottom-right-2
  • builtin-slideshow
  • slideshow
  • right-ads-col
  • top-long
  • top-1
  • top-2
  • top-3
  • top-4
  • top-5
  • top-6
  • top-7
  • top-8
  • cart
  • loginform
  • breadcrumb
  • user3
  • user4
  • bottom-long
  • bottom-1
  • bottom-2
  • bottom-3
  • bottom-4
  • footer
  • footer-left
  • footer-right

The Page Size Tool is a built-in feature which allows you to increase and decrease the page size. This specific option may really help your customers to easy see all your offer and an articles you will have publish on your webstore.

To could use the Page Size Tool simply go to Extensions » Template Manager » SparkStore and open Basic Settings tab.

The SparkStore VirtueMart template provides very useful feature which will allow you to put your contect in special module positions called dropdown modules positions. These positions allows to put modules in to special dropdown areas which may help to keep your customers eyes on some special offers or new products.

To use Dropdown Modules Positions simply publish your modules into top-right-1, top-right-2, bottom-right-1, bottom-right-2, top-left-1, top-left-2, bottom-left-1 and bottom-left-2 modules positions. 
See the demo on the left hand side column.

Built-in Slideshow allows you to show your customers all your hot offers, latest products or other the most important informations. The slideshow allows you to use an images only but you may also put the text or even modules.

To could manage the look and feel of the built-in slideshow please go to Extensions » Template Manager » SparkStore and click Slideshow Settings tab.